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Changes to Communication

18 Dec 2016 9:09 PM | Anonymous

Many of you want more control over how you receive information about Ceyana activities and news. Some of you would prefer fewer emails from Ceyana—especially in the peak of paddling season. So, we’re making changes! 


Goodbye to GoogleGroups

In the new year, Ceyana News will be distributed through our new system instead of GoogleGroups. This will help us to consolidate news items into fewer emails and will prevent “reply all” emails. It will also allow you to manage your email preferences and update your email address through your membership profile. 


Our new system restricts email recipients to current members. Love reading CeyanaNews, but been a little lax in keeping up your membership? Join us at any time! 


More Options to Keep Up with Ceyana

1. Check out our new website for updated news and events. We promise to keep it more up to date. Over the next few months, our existing website (www.ceyana.ca) will be redirected to the new website so you won’t have to remember a new URL.

2. Try the directory in the members’ only area to connect with fellow paddlers.

3. Share paddling experiences with current and past members on Ceyana Community, our Facebook site. 

4. Continue to enjoy CeyanaNews delivered directly to an inbox near you.


Communicate to Ceyana

You can still reach out to the membership to suggest a trip, or to share relevant information by sending a quick note to the appropriate executive member. For example, send your plan to paddle to York Factory to the Tripping Coordinator, and your call for event volunteers to the President or Membership Coordinator. We are listed on the contact page. We will include your communication in CeyanaNews. 


Two More for the Road

There will be two reminder emails in January and February distributed through Google Groups. Best to get your membership and contact info updated soon.

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