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    Ceyana Canoe Club
    President’s Report – for 2019 Annual General Meeting

    Good Evening All;

    Our canoe club had a quite successful 2018. I believe that our Treasurer will show that our net assets have grown, largely due to our memberships, our education & tripping programs. We would not be as successful as we are without our participation in the Edmonton Paddling Centres Association and the access that this gives us, at very little cost, to the Rundle Park Paddling Centre (RPPC). RPPC Tuesday night drop-in paddling, and our Education programs hosted at RPPC are our biggest draws for new members. Our Education Chair, instructors, and all the Tuesday evening volunteers are some of the great strengths of the club that contribute to our success. And when talking about 2018 success we must note our 40th Anniversary Camp and thank the trip & walk leaders, camp assistants, supper and dance crew… it was a grand weekend.

    My sense is that tripping was off a little this past year but still a good many trips with a mix of day trips and
    weekend trips made available across the season. Our tripping schedule is most dependent on our volunteer trip leaders and years with fewer active leaders… means fewer trips. Trip leading is not a big chore, and our club is organized to help out new trip leaders. If there is interest we will offer this year, as we have in some past years, a new leaders orientation. But the key point is that folks can help to organize trips for reaches they’d like to paddle… even if they are unsure of the actual on-water guidance. Our Trip Chair will help new leaders to find experienced “old dogs” to help out with the on-water side of the trip leading. Trip Leading only requires that a potential leader:
    o proposes a trip and has the Trip Chair add it to the schedule,
    o helps keep track of registrants and shares details/answer questions (usually by e-mail these days),
    o keeps track of who shows and ensures all have completed club waivers,
    o helps ensure a shuttle is organized that includes all,
    o helps folk down the river (the chore that can be easily shared with someone more experienced),
    o afterwards completes a report back to the club… a note on our FB pg “Ceyana Community.”

    It is also possible to organize “last minute” trips through our FB pg… but these trips are not sanctioned and thus
    not covered by our insurance program as are all our website posted trips… one good argument for planning trips early. We have some very dedicated trip leaders that lead multiple trips each year, but we need a good many volunteers who may lead only one or two trips each year. Our club is large enough that our goal should be a local day trip and a weekend trip most weekends of the paddling season, and few club organized/based multi-day trips on easier waters to help transition new members to the joys of canoe tripping.

    One of our big chores this past year was the removing of all our gear, boats and trailers from the Queen Elizabeth compound… so that it could finally begin restoration, a threat that has hung over us for the 30 years we occupied the site. Two members volunteered storage space on their acreages, a shed was built, and gear, boats and trailers were moved over a number of trips. This has meant that for last year and until we regain an in-city storage site fewer boats will be available for causal loans to members. We will try to keep a few canoes and kayaks in the city at one or two locations, but our booking policies will have to be more closely followed… especially the two weeks notice!

    One event that should be reported on is the theft from RPPC last August Bank Holiday. Five boats were stolen,
    including two of our Ceyana kayaks that had been moved there. These boats have been replaced, with similar or upgraded craft, and the net cost to the club has been largely our 2/5ths share of the $1000 deductible.

    We have nearly completed slate of officers as I write this note… so there should be minimal “railroading” at the AGM. BUT we could use another offer or two to really round-out the executive and ensure no one is doing double duty… as Donna did this past year as both Educaation and Trips Chair. We owe her a big thanks!

    We have had a good crew working with members from the North West Voyageur Canoe & Kayak Club, and now the UAPS kayak club, trying to find us a new home for storing our gear, and promoting the concept of an On-River Year-Round Adventure Centre. We applied for a planning grant to move these proposals forward last spring… it was turned down. We have been ensuring that voices and needs have been heard a number of City of Edmonton Open Houses for various river valley plans (Rossdale, Ribbon of Green, etc.), and more recently trying to ensure our concerns are reaching City Council. We appreciate all of our members who have attended meetings and responded to the various survey requests we have circulated on Ceyana News and Ceyana Community. I would like to thank Sherry for her continued efforts to keep us all informed of City of Edmonton planning developments and environmental concerns both locally and provincially.

    I am pleased to report that a City of Edmonton Operating Grant we requested last fall has been approved, for $585. These funds will be largely used to support this summer’s New Canadian Paddle, on the late afternoon of Sunday, July 7, hosted in conjunction with Catholic Social Services. Last summer’s event was a great success, due to the large and fine crew of Ceyana volunteers… and the program organization provide by our lead RPPC coordinator, Isabelle.

    As I get to close to the end of this report, I would like to suggest that we need more Ceyana folk looking beyond our club to help support paddling. At both the EPCA and Paddle Alberta we have executive boards that need more volunteers. If you can find some time to help… please contact me… these are not big commitments.

    I would like to close by thanking all our executive team… they have been great to work with and I look forward to the second year of my presidential term… but hopefully my last as Lois and I reach that point where we need to slow down a wee bit.

    Respectfully submitted
    Mark Lund

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    Ceyana Canoe Club
    Annual General Meeting - Agenda (Draft)
    March 16, 2019, 7:15 PM at Lendrum Community Hall (11335 - 57 Ave)

    1. Call to Order
    2. Approval of Agenda: additions, approval
    3. Approval of Minutes of March 17, 2018 AGM
    4. Correspondence Received
    5. Reports
    5.1. President:
    5.2. Treasurer: 2018/2019 Year End Statements and Auditors Report, 2019/2020
    Budget, Motion to appoint Auditors for 2019/2020
    6. Old Business
    6.1. Executive Officers willing to carry on; President, Secretary, Treasurer,
    Properties, Communications, Membership, Member at Large,
    6.2. Executive Officers requiring election; Vice-President, Tripping, Education,
    Member at Large
    7. New Business
    7.1. 2019 Programs
    8. Next Meeting: General Meeting March 2020 or earlier, Executive April 2019
    9. Adjournment

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