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Course Change, Cancellation and Refund Policy - Please read the policy on this link before completing any program registration that involves a payment.

Can I Bring A Guest to a Ceyana Activity? 

It depends on the activity. Who is considered a guest? A person who is NOT a club member

May I bring a guest to a:

  •        Canoe/kayak/educational program – NO
  •        Overnight/out of town trip – NO
  •        Local free on the water activity/paddling centres – YES
  •        Local shore event/social – YES

Why all the rules abouts guests? It has to do with liabilities and what our insurance covers. We have a website software limitation on the word ‘guest’.

  •        If you see ‘guest’ on an overnight trip or educational course registration, it means MEMBERS.
  •        If you see ‘guest’ on a social, shore or free local event, it means you can bring someone who is NOT a member.

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